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October 15th • 2017

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Inspired You

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Inspired You was founded in 2016 by Jenny Ingram, Jackie Wood, and Marnie Clark.
Inspired You Founders

The very first Inspired You was a hit and it is back to inspire in 2017 under the leadership of Jackie Wood. So put October 15th, 2017 on your calendar. IN PEN!

The purpose of Inspired You is not to add more “thingS” to your to-do list.

Instead, we want to help find the time to ask yourself, “What do I want to do?”… instead of, “What do I have to do?”

Inspired You is being thoughtfully crafted so you can, in one day, explore and experience many different sources of inspiration. We have carefully selected talented speakers, gurus, and gals-next-door. These women have some amazing stories and ideas to share and invest as you seek to design a life you love.

Join us at Inspired You.

Learn. Connect. Revive. Simplify. Discover and embrace what is working. Let go of what is not working. Reignite passion for your interests.

Invest a day in you because you are worth it!

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The beginnings of Inspired You...