Joy Pickard

“What comes to mind when you think of boundaries?”

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This is the question that got me thinking. I was the interviewer, and here she was, lovely lady that she is, asking ME the questions.

I’m pretty sure I bumbled out something like “boundaries are a line in the sand, to protect”.

As our conversation progressed – we discussed those boundaries, we covered suicide and depression awareness, we talked about teen moms, we talked about what it’s like to counsel the elderly, we discussed why it’s hard for women to set boundaries – suddenly I found myself wishing I could attend her session at the Inspired You Event. She has seen it all. And then when we started talking about our favorite backpacking spots, I was wishing our coffee date could just go on and on and on 🙂

So here’s what happens when I plan to interview people:

  • I do my research, ask around, LinkedIn, FB, Google, etc., to see what I can uncover
  • I go with a list of questions and ideas of topics I’d like to discuss
  • I plan to take diligent notes

Here’s what happens when I actually interview people:

  • We order coffee
  • We talk and talk and talk
  • I ask questions that aren’t on my list
  • I don’t take any notes because it just seems rude when having a wonderful conversation

That’s exactly what happened when I sat down for coffee with Joy Pickard, one of our Breakout Session speakers at the Inspired You Event. Her session is titled, Getting Emotionally Healthy in a Chaotic World? You can read more about this and all other sessions here.

Joy Pickard. Inspired You speaker

But here’s the thing, I’m kind of glad I didn’t follow the research I had uncovered. On paper she’s awesome, but in person? She’s the real deal and I’m so honored that I now get to include her as part of my community.

Here are some bits and pieces from our lovely conversation:


Joy grew up in India, the daughter of missionary parents. She spent her entire childhood there. If you ask her how being raised in India impacts her life today, she’ll tell you “I really need to figure out how to answer that question. It has had a tremendous impact, so much that I have trouble putting it into words.”

She has a special place in her heart for the people of India, she has made numerous trips returning there to help with The Freedom Project in Bangalore. Her mission and cause – to help rescue women and children from human slavery.

Of her siblings, she’s the only one that was born in the United States (they had come to the states for a short stay). And she’s not happy about it 😉


Joy is most passionate about her family: her husband and 5 children, and most of all her 6 grandchildren. This sounds great on a bio but I’m telling you, these are the people that make her world go round. When she told me about them she lit up. We even had a little giggle as she bragged about her kids, as moms I think this is when we get to wear our hearts on our sleeves and I love it 🙂

Joy has made a conscious decision to build a business that gives her the freedom to travel to see her family and spend time doing the things she loves – hiking, knitting, and spending time in her flower gardens. She has spent years experimenting and collaborating, speaking, and educating. NOW she gets to take on only the projects that she is passionate about so she can keep her calendar open for her family and a few summer backpacking trips with her friends.


Joy is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor specializing in working with women who want to heal old wounds, create healthy boundaries, and live life with all the passion and purpose they possess. This hasn’t always been her specialty – she got here from working with a wide range of patients; geriatric, young teen mothers, public health systems including schools, and family therapy to name a few. She learned something from each and every one of those environments, she stayed open to opportunity and followed the road that was laid before her. And now here is she is, in her element, helping women like you and I build extraordinary lives.


Joy’s bio says this, “Among her close friends she is known for making people laugh, mostly at her own absentmindedness. In fact, her favorite key fob given to her by one of those friends says, “Keys I haven’t lost yet.” I tell you this because she showed up a little late for coffee and admitted that she had gone to the wrong café 😉 I love people who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves, and are perfectly okay with who they are.

What I really want you to know about Joy is that she lives what she speaks and teaches, her heart is open and she is interested. Not interesting…interested. If you ever find yourself across the table from her, you will have her full attention. She asks questions, she is concerned, and she is smart as a whip. And here’s her favorite tip for setting your own boundaries:

“Take responsibility for what is yours, and know your value.”

We look forward to seeing you at the Inspired You Event on October 2, 2016!



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