Joni Kimmel and Bridget Young

I live in a small town. A small town neighbored by another small town. It seems that everyone knows each other and if we don’t know each other we at least ‘know of’ people.

I ‘knew of’ Joni and Bridget. I was constantly being asked, “Do you know Joni and Bridget? Have you met Joni and Bridget?” I was starting to feel like Joni and Bridget were actually JoniandBridget. And how on earth had I not met them? We travel in similar circles, have MANY mutual friends in our tiny towns…and yet, the elusive Joni and Bridget.

Inspired You spekers, Joni Kimmel and Bridget Young

Until finally one lovely evening in spring, Joni attended one of my Dine and Dream dinners with a mutual friend. And while I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her that evening I did get to hug her like we were old friends (each saying to the other, “I can’t believe we have never met!”), and I got to chat with her long enough to see her smile through her eyes.

You’re probably seeing a pattern with me…hugs, smiles, eyes…that’s how I know you’re the real deal. That’s where I see your energy and your vibe.

We are honored to welcome Joni and Bridget as Breakout Session speakers at the Inspired You Event on October 2, 2016 where you too will get to hug and smile and soak up their good vibes!

I was able to sit down with Joni over coffee for a fun chat about her career in real estate and her partnership (and friendship) with Bridget.

I’m excited for you to get to know her too, I know you’re going to be inspired by both of them when you hear them speak at the event!

If you can sell Canon copiers you can sell real estate…

Joni got her start in sales selling Canon copiers and fax machines. I had to emphasize those words because…fax machines. I am not judging, I am of the fax machine era, sometimes it’s just hard to believe we have come so far:) Joni had a nice downtown Seattle territory where she attributes much of her success to the great relationships she established with her clients. Fax Machines and Real Estate = Relationships. See also: Success in Business = Relationships.

Partnerships are hard, and also awesome.

Partnerships are definitely not for everyone, you have to be able to pick someone up and carry them at times. But, if you can work with someone that you are willing to pick up and carry when times get rough, it could bring your business and your life to a whole new level. Joni and Bridget call each other their “work wives” because they are together, or in communication with each other all. the. time. In Joni’s words, “This partnership is what gets my feet on the ground every morning. What a treat to like my work and who I work with.”

Two 1/2 brains make a whole brain.

You can imagine the laughs that came when this is how Joni described the two of them. But, all laughs aside, she has a good point:) Joni is the extroverted numbers girl, she’ll work out your down payment, how much to offer on a home, how much your house is worth…all the numbers things. Bridget is the introverted, creative, former art curator that keeps the transaction flowing smoothly with her relationship skills and ability to read people. And while they are both fully capable of performing the job on their own, their customers are getting one full brain (package) in that they are getting the strongest side of each of them. It’s brilliant when you think about it;)

Selling real estate is not about selling real estate.

Okay. Sometimes it is. Joni and Bridget realize that it’s also about handling one of the biggest, most personal life changes people will ever have. Think about it – it’s your home. Where your kids were raised, you created memories with friends, you cried, you prayed, and you loved. Sometimes the sales and purchases are happy – a new job, a promotion, a move to be closer to family. And sometimes not. A death, a divorce, the loss of a job, bankruptcy. All personal. All requiring care, hand holding, thoughtfulness, and patience. Selling real estate is about relationships.

The one thing that Joni knows for sure is that you have just a few seconds, about 18 to be exact, to make an impression on someone. Does your home tell people that you are a proud mom that loves dinners around the dining table? Is the way you’re presenting yourself telling people that you are a confident professional and a strong negotiator? Come to the Inspired You Event, listen to what Joni and Bridget have to say about first impressions, and then give some thought to your 18 seconds.

We can’t wait to see you there!

– Marnie

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