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I had the pleasure of interviewing Pam Perry, TWICE, about her own personal Eat, Pray, Love journey. I met Pam on what might be called a blind date. She e-mailed asking about my Dine and Dream Dinners, thought maybe we should meet as she was “craving a dose of good lady mojo and professional inspiration too”.

I find myself feeling a bit ‘old’ when I say that I met someone online. At 48 years old, online meet-ups are reminiscent of back in the early online dating world – it seemed a little…sketch. Funny that now I have many friends in my life that I have met online. Some I’ve also met in person, some, not yet.

Pam falls into the category of “friend that I met online AND in person, and wish I had met sooner”.

Pam Perry, Inspired You speaker

And now, lucky you, you get to meet her in person at the Inspired You Event 2016. She’ll be hosting the Breakout Session “Finding Meaning In A Busy World” and you are for sure not going to want to miss it.

Pam started her own PR business with a friend, and it quickly grew. She worked long hours, it was high pressure in the corporate world, and high stress – but by anyone’s standard she was a success.

Things started to crumble as the stress took its toll. At 37, a long term relationship came to an end, she came to the realization that she most likely wasn’t going to have children, and then had a five-week long breast cancer scare (which eventually turned out to be negative).

I think any one of us might take stock of our lives under those circumstances.

Enter, Elizabeth Gilbert and Eat, Pray, Love. A book that was given to Pam by a friend that knew how much she loved travel. Imagine how she felt reading that book, and realizing that Elizabeth’s story had many of the same components of her own.

I remember reading that book and feeling so inspired yet so disbelieving that someone would have the courage to uproot their lives to that degree. I felt the same way after reading “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. Two stories that were so far out of my comfort zone, it was hard for me to imagine they were true.

And then, in walked Pam Perry and her smile that goes all the way to her eyes, and her stories of traveling for 10 months through Nepal, India, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Poland, Germany, Holland, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.

People really do quit their jobs, put what they can into a backpack, and travel the world.

And in Pam’s case, she came home unemployed and broke, yet full of hope and optimism (when I was reading this out loud I actually said ‘hopetimism’ – new word) and the realization of what they need to find meaning and happiness in their lives. Many times that doesn’t come in a big paycheck but more from the opportunity to do fulfilling work.

And since Pam is a big believer in manifesting, believing, creating a vision…whatever you want to call it, I was not surprised to hear that upon her return she was contacted by a friend she had met in Nepal, asking if she would like to help him start a business. And so, Grand Asian Journeys was born.

Seven years of leading and creating trips for others to travel to Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam was a dream for Pam and also exposed her to the world of travel as a business. She made many friends through those trips and still supports the people of Nepal in every way she knows how. Today you will find her working at Wildland Adventures, the next step in her personal journey.

In our last conversation she even mentioned that one of her projects currently is putting together some women’s adventures. The first one will be an active wine adventure to Chile and Argentina in April. Next up…Italy? Spain? Yes please!

The one thing Pam knows for sure is that ‘meaning brings me joy, joy is my meaning’. And helping others find their meaning also brings her joy, lucky for you!

She says “when you are happy, the world around you is happier too.”

Marnie Clark

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